Using the Site

There are 2 main ways to use makeloveland.com: looking up information, and contributing information.

To look up information, click around the site, use the search bar, try out different data layers, and see what you can see.

To contribute information you can survey properties, leave comments, take pictures with the app, or help add missing parcels.

If you have a question or get stuck, please let us know at team@makeloveland.com and we’ll add to this guide.

Where does the information on the site come from?

Parcel shapes, ownership, and assessment information are all public information generated by local governments. You can find out exactly where we got the information in the credits area of the Layer section on every map.

Survey information and some additional data is contributed by people like you.

How do I add missing information to the site?

See Contributing Parcel Data.

How do I revisit things I surveyed, and see what other people have surveyed?

That's coming soon!