Contributing Parcel Data

If you’d like to see parcels for a particular place online and want to help out, please search for the local GIS (Geographic Information System), planning, or assessor's office and ask if they have parcel or cadastral data available.

If you have parcel data that you’d like to add to the site please let us know at team@makeloveland.com and we’ll put it up. We will happily credit your contribution.

If you’re a municipality that would like to officially share your parcels through LOVELAND, please let us know at team@makeloveland.com.

Note: We're interested in showing all kinds of parcel data: historic, data over time, your own surveys, funky stuff... If you have a spreadsheet with parcel IDs we'll try to give it a home on LOVELAND. Also, with a Site Control subscription you can import and export your own parcel data privately, and choose to share it however you'd like.

What do I do if they won't give me the parcel data, or want to charge me a lot of money?

This is an interesting situation. While parcel data is public information in the United States, and governments should share it with you upon request, many are not yet in the habit of doing so, at least not freely, or are not yet organized enough to do so easily. You could fill out a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request and they should have to put it together for you. However, we don't highly recommend starting this way as it can be a bit rude. Please be courteous to your local GIS professional! They are an under-appreciated bunch (let us tell you!).