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Personal Account

$30 a month

Your very own private version of LOVELAND with new super powers. Create mobile field surveys that work with the LOVELAND App, build and share maps, explore public data, import and export data from other sources, and publish what you want to publicly.

Group Account

$10,000 a year

Bring your colleagues to the parcel party. For businesses, communities, government departments, and any group or organization looking to collaborate, map, survey, and work with parcel data.

Community Organizations

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Site Control supercharges block clubs, CDCs, business improvement districts, and all other manner of community organizations across the country!

Contact us at or 313-338-3825 with any questions, to request a demo, or to discuss solutions for big companies and big projects!


The LOVELAND App has surveyed more than a half a million parcels. With Site Control, you can customize questions and survey anywhere LOVELAND has parcels online.

Real-Time Feed

Watch data from your collaborators who are using the LOVELAND app in the field. Live updates allow you to use quality control tools to communicate with your team to get the data you need.

Custom Maps

Customize how you search, organize, and color your parcel maps. Site Control gives you extensive controls over the presentation of your maps and data.

Share and Integrate

Share maps with collaborators and connect to your own data sources. Embed interactive parcel maps in news stories, blog posts, and websites.

Global Parcel Data

LOVELAND is assembling the most comprehensive global parcel data collection on earth. By putting this data online we are making public information more accessible than ever.

Made with LOVELAND

LOVELAND Technologies is a Detroit-based tech startup. Learn more about our team here.

Site Control Projects

Site Control has contributed to these projects and organizations.
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Motor City Mapping

As the bankruptcy addressed Detroit's financial condition, the federally appointed Blight Task Force tackled the city's physical state. LOVELAND proposed a citywide property survey that would collect and present data on every one of the city's 385,000 properties. Commissioned by the Task Force, LOVELAND's Site Control platform, and Blexting app, provided the technological foundation that allowed for the successful survey of Detroit, now updatable by any resident with a smartphone.

The Detroit Land Bank Authority


LOVELAND worked with departments inside the country's largest land bank, responsible for the oversight of 35,000+ properties, equipping them with tools to keep track of properties, monitor renovation and demolition work, and identify dangerous structures across the city.

Contractors, neighborhood representatives, and any Detroiter with a smartphone can now contribute to the Detroit Land Bank's understanding of property across the city by surveying with the LOVELAND app.

LOVELAND Technologies was funded by the JP Morgan Chase Foundation to provide the Detroit Land Bank Authority with Site Control.

The Pontiac Survey


This was the first survey to use Google Street View to collect data for an entire city, instead of relying on a team of workers uploading live data from the field. In February of 2015, the LOVELAND Surveyor was put to the test in Pontiac, Michigan. Working with the Blight Authority, LOVELAND surveyors evaluated properties via Google Street View and assembled a comprehensive and updatable picture of the city’s land.

The project is an example of how the LOVELAND Surveyor can be a cost effective alternative to collecting data in the field. Browse the survey results at