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Create Parcel Maps

Make beautiful parcel maps — no GIS experience required — then gain insights, fast. Site Control comes pre-loaded with more than 80 million parcels covering more than 60% of the United States with ownership and basic assessment information, and lets you add and you query data with the click of a button. Querying helps you dive deep into your data and uncover patterns by visualizing where things are, what they are near, who owns them, and more!

Survey Property

Our survey editor makes it easy to write your own multiple choice or open-ended survey questions. Then use the LOVELAND App (available for iOS and Android) to survey properties in the field, or add information to your map right from your computer with Desktop Surveying. Data collected in the field hits your Site Control account LIVE — no need for digitizing, downloading, or uploading results.

Collaborate & Share With Your Team

Your Site Control account and the data you put in it are completely private and secure. You have full control over who can access the maps and data you create. Share maps and data with your team members and colleagues. If you want to publish maps, you can do that too: Site Control maps can be published on a “read only” basis, and you can embed them in webpages.

Import & Export Data & Maps

We believe that data should never be stuck in silos. Import your own parcel datasets (CSV or Excel), or integrate data from your local open data portal. All you have to do is drag-and-drop a file or copy-and-paste a link. If you need to work with Site Control data in other programs, you can export data as a spreadsheet, shapefile, and more.

Case Study: Cleveland, Ohio

After surveying six cities with a different mapping platform, Thriving Communities Institute (TCI) in Cleveland, Ohio switched to Site Control because of the reliability and stability of our technology, as well as the user-friendly interface. TCI then used Site Control to survey every property in Cleveland and Dayton, Ohio.

"[Site Control] does a lot more. It's a lot more sophisticated. It uses the cloud, it has great report making capacity. It's just much more nimble, it's more agile."
Jim Rokakis, Director of Thriving Communities Institute

Case Study: Motor City Mapping

LOVELAND Technologies teamed up with Data Driven Detroit and Rock Ventures and used our Site Control software to survey the 139 square miles of Detroit. In a project called Motor City Mapping, Site Control and the LOVELAND App enabled 150+ Detroiters to survey 400,000 properties in just 35 days of surveying. An unprecedented project, Motor City Mapping informed land use planning while Detroit went through the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history, and helped the city, investors, and neighborhood groups address everything from real estate development to hundreds of millions of dollars worth of blight removal and demolition.

"It's really, truly one of the most remarkable pieces of technology I've ever seen, the way the user interface works."
Dan Gilbert, Quicken Loans founder/chairman, one of Detroit’s most active developers, and a co-chair of Detroit's Blight Removal Task Force

Plans & Pricing


  • National Parcel Data
  • LoveChat

14 Day
Free Trial¹


Everything in Trial and:
  • Unlimited Maps
  • Unlimited Surveying
  • Team Collaboration
  • 30 users

$100 / month or
$1,000 / year


Everything in Good and:
  • Startup Training Session
  • Survey Consulting
  • Scheduled Support
  • 50 users

$500 / month or
$5,000 / year


Everything in Better and:
  • Report Building2
  • Data Requests2
  • Account Manager
  • 100 users

$1,000 / month or
$10,000 / year

Bigger project or more questions? Want to pay by check? Call us at 313-338-3825.

¹14-day free trial with credit card. ²Annual plans only.

Try Site Control in the Sandbox

This is an example of an embedded Site Control map. Try things like clicking a surveyed property from the Feed or on the map, or click Query to search the data in the map.

Please come back with a larger device like a tablet or computer to play with the example map! You'll get a feel for how easy it is to navigate parcels, explore and add survey data, and run powerful searches.

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