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Thank you for your interest in Site Control! We've launched a new and improved offering at landgrid.com that we hope you'll love even more. You'll find the same great tools and data in a fresh, improved experience—with even more helpful features. Please use the button below to find out more and sign up. Thanks!


  • Build on Nationwide Parcel Data
  • Import & Export Data
  • Unlimited Maps
  • Unlimited Surveying
  • LoveChat
  • Single user

$10 / month or
$100 / year


Everything in Pro and:
  • Team Collaboration
  • 25 users

$100 / month or
$1,000 / year


Everything in Team and:
  • Training Sessions
  • Project Consulting
  • Account Manager
  • Reports & Analysis
  • Unlimited users

$10,000 / year & up
(prices vary based on needs)

Contact us at team@makeloveland.com or 313-649-LAND with any questions or to request a demo.

Looking for bulk access to our nationwide parcel data?

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